A Solution

The Mercury Team was established in 1984 to provide an organized system of crisis intervention to assist first responders in reducing the number of job related stress casualties among professional ranks.   
Through the Stress Management process, individuals and departments are provided a tool that can potentially alleviate overwhelming physical, cognitive, behavioral, psychological and spiritual reactions.  The CISM process addresses very real issues that may contribute to the loss of valuable employees and organizations, thereby preserving careers, resources, expertise and human caring.  
The Mercury Critical Incident Response Team consists of a highly competent group of volunteer professionals trained in the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation models of crisis intervention.  They maintain a high level of competence through regular continuing education and  quality reviews.  
These individuals are carefully selected from the following disciplines:   

Police, Fire, EMS, hospital critical care providers, 911 communication specialists, social services, chaplains, licensed/certified mental health providers, and military professionals.   The Mercury CISM team provides a multi-component full service crisis intervention team made up of peer professionals, mental health, chaplains/clergy and peer family members.